The Bird Life Special Edition of new album, The Empress, comes in a hand-stitched, hand-painted drawstring cloth case, and is limited to 20 editions. Each features its own original, hand-painted CD cover, seed sachet, feather, complete printed lyrics and handwritten, signed and numbered insert. It will be sold exclusively through Norman Records from August 21st, 2018. Please check Norman’s listings for further details.



The standard CD edition of new album, The Empress, will become available later in the year. 






The Christos Moon 2-CD Winter Tree Edition, exclusive to Norman Records, has now sold out.

Strictly limited to 18, each deluxe edition features an original, hand-painted cover, plus a handwritten, signed and numbered insert, complete with handcrafted envelopes and protective PVC casing.

Disc Two features an exclusive 20-track compilation of Immigrant songs old and new.



(Back row, albums from left to right – No Refuge, Nation Of Immigrants, Son Of Immigrant, Jao, Creatureland. Front row, from left – A Nowhere Place, Mother Tongue)

*Sorry, these items have now sold.

A series of uniquely packaged Immigrant albums is now available. Each edition comes in its own individually designed cloth case, with a hand-painted CD cover and handwritten track-list. These items are priced at £10 each, plus £2.50 p&p. Payment by Paypal please to:



Wounded HealerThe new album Wounded Healer is now available on vinyl and CD and can be ordered through the Immigrant shop at

Copies (both vinyl and CD) are priced at £10, plus £2.00 p&p. Please state in your order which format you require. Copies will be shipped from within the UK. Payment by Paypal please to the above address.

Please note, the Special Edition vinyl copies have now all sold.



The special edition of new album Christos Moon, exclusive to Norman Records, has now sold out.

Limited to 30 copies, each album comes in a jewel case, with original hand-painted front and back covers. Each edition includes a handmade, numbered booklet and comes complete with its own original oil pastel pattern.