A limited, special edition of new album, Catch A Hail Mary, will be released through Norman Records on June 4th, and is available now to pre-order.

Each of the forty editions includes a hand-drawn or painted portrait of a musical artist. You can find the list of artists beneath this post.

When pre-ordering, or making a purchase, you can request your preferred portrait in the comments field (please include the edition number) and also add two or three alternatives. However, Norman Records would like to stress that they cannot provide any guarantees. This special edition will go on sale as soon as it arrives so please check the ‘new’ section on their site for updates.

All portraits have been individually photographed – if you would like to view any in advance, please contact immigrant.shop@gmail.com.

Each edition will be priced at £15 (not incl. p and p).

  1. Steve Marriott
  2. Nick Cave
  3. Kate Bush
  4. Mark Knopfler
  5. John Deacon
  6. Glenn Danzig
  7. Leonard Cohen
  8. Bilinda Butcher
  9. Sandy Denny
  10. Aldous Harding
  11. Kurt Cobain
  12. Jimmy Page
  13. Will Oldham
  14. Sam Beam
  15. Robbie Robertson
  16. Paul Simon
  17. Bob Dylan
  18. Kurt Vile
  19. Gillian Welch
  20. Ian Masters
  21. Malcolm Young
  22. Graham Gouldman
  23. Paula Frazer
  24. John Bonham
  25. Judee Sill
  26. Kim Deal
  27. Lata Mangeshkar
  28. Colin Blunstone
  29. Richard Thompson
  30. PJ Harvey
  31. David Gilmour
  32. Noah Lennox
  33. Anne Briggs
  34. Mani
  35. Glen Campbell
  36. Townes Van Zandt
  37. Simon Jeffes
  38. Mark Linkous
  39. Elliott Smith
  40. Jay Farrar

Early Paintings (2015 – 2019), a special edition 2-CD retrospective spanning the albums Wounded Healer, Christos Moon, The Empress, High Valley Home, Meadow Soul and Great Holker Lime, is now available to buy through Norman Records.

Each edition comes in a handmade box containing an individually hand-painted CD cover and signed, handwritten track listing.

Two special editions of the new album, Great Holker Lime – one boxed (above), and a cloth-cased portrait edition (see below) – are available now, exclusively through Norman Records.

The special edition of the album, Meadow Soul, has now sold out.

*Sorry, this item has now sold

‘Introduction’ is a strictly one-of-a-kind retrospective, spanning sixteen tracks and sixteen years of Immigrant. Uniquely designed, this one-off release comes in its own handmade gift bag, containing a hand-folded card case, handwritten, signed insert and set of flights. Introduction is priced at £12.99, including p and p.

The special edition of new album High Valley Home is now available through Norman Records.

Showcasing a series of photos taken throughout 2018, each hand-folded card case sports its own strictly one-off laminate photo cover.

Presented in handmade gift bags, each edition is individually titled, numbered and signed, and comes complete with lyric sheets and handwritten insert.

Limited to 30 editions.

The second batch of card case reissues are now available through Norman Records. Special Editions of Jao, Heart Leaps and Christos Moon are also available.

Immigrant is currently working on a new album, High Valley Home, set for release in March 2019.

We currently have signed copies of the Oscarson release, Wounded Healer, available on CD. Beautifully packaged in a card case with lyric booklet, each with its own download code, these albums are available here for £6.99 (incl. p and p). To order a copy, please pay through Paypal to immigrant.shop@gmail.com and allow 5-7 working days for delivery (shipping worldwide). Please reference ‘signed Wounded Healer CD’ when placing your order. You will receive a confirmation of your order within 24 hours.

The Bird Life Special Edition of new album, The Empress, comes in a hand-stitched, hand-painted drawstring cloth case, and is limited to 20 editions. Each features its own original, hand-painted CD cover, seed sachet, feather, complete printed lyrics and handwritten, signed and numbered insert. This edition, along with the Marine Life and Wildlife Editions (see below) is being sold exclusively through Norman Records. Please check Norman’s listings or contact immigrant.shop@gmail.com for further details.

The Marine Life Special Edition comes in a hand-painted, hand-stitched drawstring cloth case, and is strictly limited to 10 editions. Each features its own individually designed, hand-painted CD cover, pebble and shell, complete printed lyrics and handwritten, signed and numbered insert.

*This edition has now sold out.

The Wildlife Special Edition comes in a hand-painted, hand-stitched drawstring cloth case, and is limited to 20 editions. Each features its own animal, with individually designed, hand-painted CD cover and an additional enveloped, hand-painted image mounted on card. The wildlife edition comes complete with incense sticks, printed lyrics and handwritten, signed and numbered insert.

A hand-folded, card case CD edition of The Empress is available now through Norman Records, priced £7.99.

The Christos Moon 2-CD Winter Tree Edition, exclusive to Norman Records, has now sold out

Strictly limited to 18, each deluxe edition features an original, hand-painted cover, plus a handwritten, signed and numbered insert, complete with handcrafted envelopes and protective PVC casing.

Disc Two features an exclusive 20-track compilation of Immigrant songs old and new.

(Back row, albums from left to right – No Refuge, Nation Of Immigrants, Son Of Immigrant, Jao, Creatureland. Front row, from left – A Nowhere Place, Mother Tongue)

*Sorry, these items have now sold.

A series of uniquely packaged Immigrant albums is now available. Each edition comes in its own individually designed cloth case, with a hand-painted CD cover and handwritten track-list. These items are priced at £10 each, plus £2.50 p&p. Payment by Paypal please to: immigrant.shop@gmail.com.

Wounded Healer

The Oscarson album, Wounded Healer, is now available on vinyl and can be ordered through the Immigrant shop at immigrant.shop@gmail.com.

Copies are priced at £9.00, plus £2.00 p&p and will be shipped worldwide from the UK. Each album comes with its own download code. Payment by Paypal please to the above address, and please reference ‘Wounded Healer vinyl’ when placing your order. You will receive confirmation of your order within 24 hours.

The special edition of new album Christos Moon, exclusive to Norman Records, has now sold out.

Limited to 30 copies, each album comes in a jewel case, with original hand-painted front and back covers. Each edition includes a handmade, numbered booklet and comes complete with its own original oil pastel pattern.

For all inquiries, please contact immigrant.shop@gmail.com.